SLICE OF LIFE: Finding the best pizza in NYC

Pizza may have been invented in Italy, but there’s no denying that New York City has made the culinary staple it its own and rightly claims the title of centre of the ‘pizzaverse.’ Beginning with America’s first pizzeria – Lombardi’s in SoHo – pizza is deeply embedded into NYC’s culture and is an integral part of life.

Each of the city’s five boroughs is filled with famous pizza spots, establishments often filled with history as well as flavour; here is a small sample – one for each neighbourhood – designed to illustrate that, just maybe, the Big Apple wound up with the wrong nickname.

The Bronx: Pugsley Pizza

This old-school pizzeria near the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden has been serving up pies to locals and pizza lovers in the Bronx since 1984. They are known for their thin-crust New York-style slices and garlic knots. The welcoming, casual joint, covered in graffiti and photos, attracts families as well as students from the nearby Fordham University, and serves as the perfect stop for visitors on their way to and from the nearby nature-oriented attractions.

Brooklyn: Juliana’s Pizza

After establishing DUMBO neighbourhood icon Grimaldi’s Pizza – a pizza place so good, it became a local tourist attraction in its own right – founders Patsy and Carol Grimaldi sold off their interest in that restaurant over a decade ago, retiring from the food business. This spot, named after Patsy’s mother, marks their return to the pizza game, serving up the kind of coal oven-baked pizzas that made their original spot so famous.

Manhattan: (Famous) Joe’s Pizza

There’s a constant battle over who serves up the best pizza in New York City, but this Carmine Street joint – which specializes in thin, cheap slices dripping with cheese – is always at the top of the list. Need some convincing? Take it from actor Ben Affleck, who is quoted on Joe’s website as saying it’s “without a doubt… the best pizza” in New York City.

Queens: Philomena’s Pizza

A staple of Sunnyside, Queens, Philomena’s is known for their Neapolitan-style pizzas. They offer variations on classic pies with toppings like arugula and prosciutto, but here it’s all about the dough, which is fermented for 72 hours, giving it a complex flavour.

Staten Island: Joe & Pat’s

A thin, crispy slice is the signature of this beloved Staten Island pizza institution, which is also famed for its vodka pie. In addition to standard pizzas, Joe & Pat’s offers creative seasonal pizza toppings, like shrimp, as well as more upscale traditional Italian restaurant fare, like fettuccine, minestrone, and arugula salad.

First published at Travel Industry Today