PUBS, PATIOS & BARS: We Bierliebe in Switzerland

Sometimes drinks just taste better in a particular setting, such as beer with a ballgame in front of it, or a glass of wine with a lush vineyard stretching out to the horizon behind. Such is the case with Bierliebe and Friends, which is nestled along the edge of the River Reuss within paddling distance of Lucerne’s famous covered bridge/causeway.

Lucerne is arguably Switzerland’s prettiest city and the Europe’s oldest timber bridge, Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge), which spans the river diagonally and contains a number of historic paintings inside, is its prime attraction. So where better to settle in for in a peaceful and regenerative drink after a few hours of sightseeing? – an experience I was lucky enough to have earlier this month while on a post Air Canada Race 2021 FAM trip excursion.

There are a number of venues chock-a-block to Bierliebe and Friends along the Rathausquai, but one of my colleagues had found this pub/patio a couple of years ago and recommended we return for the service, the beer (and, of course, the view).

As for the former, the owner Vince Vercueil, South African by birth, remembered Ann, and sat with us to chat, explaining that his establishment’s philosophy was “love of beer” and mission to “elevate” Swiss beer, which boasts 1,300 microbreweries.

To that end, Bierliebe doesn’t serve pints or pitchers, rather unique two- and four-decilitre glasses (typical is three), and sampler flights (four glasses). “You won’t get drunk here,” Vercueil laughed, adding, “We’re not a Saturday evening address.” He notes that much of the pub’s clientele is local, despite its prime location on the town’s tourist trail, which helped the business survive the pandemic.

There are 12 local Swiss craft beers on tap to try, ranging from wheat, sour and stouts, to lagers and IPA. There is also wine, cider, whisky, and gin.

“You have a lot of people who want to discuss (Swiss) beer and there’s always someone here to do it,” says Vercueil.

Food is similarly locally sourced with burgers courtesy of a neighbourhood butcher and custom bread made at a local bakery. The “Swiss” gourmet hotdogs and bratwurst also earn raves.

Patrons can sit inside, with some window views of the bridge, but the patio on the Rathausquai provides the most desirable setting.

In sum, its attributes have garnered awards for Bierliebe and Friends. Add to it my distinguished blessing, and, hopefully soon, yours.

The Pub is open daily from 11:30 a.m. and is easy to find. You’ll see it from the bridge.

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