Maximizing Impact of Social Revenue for Online Travel Vendors

Award-winning social revenue innovator, Joyned, has today announced the launch of its traveler AI Planner, the latest addition to its platform. It harnesses developments in artificial intelligence and big data to provide travel and hospitality vendors with the ability to deliver a personalized experience to maximize satisfaction and revenue.

Whether it’s travel routes to Paris, the weather in Rome, or an itinerary for Berlin, the AI Planner provides on the spot information to users’ most common booking questions. Perfectly complementing the travel vendor’s existing offering, Joyned’s AI Planner is the ultimate white label solution for vendors seeking to enhance their customers’ trip planning process and overall experience.

This offering is the latest addition to Joyned’s social revenue technology, which enables prospects to communicate, discuss, decide and book together – straight from the vendor’s website. With research suggesting that around 89% of travel carts browsed on mobile are abandoned, Joyned’s social revenue technology fosters better on-site collaboration, appealing to groups who benefit from accessing the same information to book travel together, as well as solo travelers who rely on trusted advice and guidance when planning a trip alone.

“Travel vendors are constantly seeking new ways to increase revenue while improving customer loyalty, retention and booking value. Joyned is already enabling vendors to increase travel site conversations by up to 4x their baseline. The AI planner is the only solution that actively assists high-intent prospects to complete a purchase by reducing their need to seek external information, substantially increasing booking value,” says Michael Levinson, Co-Founder and CPO of Joyned.

“For travel vendors, this improves overall customer experience, and allows them to gain visibility into conversations that would otherwise be unavailable as they traditionally take place away from the website (for example on instant messaging apps or social networks). Using these insights, vendors can better tailor their packages and deals to current customer demands, leading to a significant increase in revenue,” he adds.