A LIFE OF LUXURY: The World’s Best Cities for Five Star Luxury

For many people the only thing better than travelling the world – is travelling the world in the lap of luxury. However, luxury often comes at a hefty price, so the only thing better than luxury for many of us is – affordable luxury.

If you’re looking for a destination for your next lavish holiday, new research from LuxuryHotel.com reveals both the cheapest and the most expensive cities in the world for five-star luxury hotel stays.

Here they are – take your pick:

The world’s most expensive cities for a five-star hotel stay

The Cheapest 5 Star Stays in Europe

LuxuryHotel.com’s took its list of cities from Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations, omitting five cities due to lack of data. It then used Booking.com to find out how many hotels there are in each city, and of those how many are five-star hotels. This site also gave them the average costs per room of a night in a five-star hotel in each city.


First published at Travel Industry Today